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Greetings and thanks for your kind attention dear viewer.

The company started production of preform in 1998 and after two years started to design and build courses.

Bottles and preforms molded itself and its customers and also updated itself at any time to mold and design.

And in 2009, after two years of research into the production of containers by IML method, installed and commissioned the production line of bucket 1.5

Then build and order 170cc spoon container and other containers .....

PET cooperation partnerships with various laundry companies and subsidiaries in partnership

Sabalan Mineral Water, Citrus Flower Oil, Mimas Dairy Co., Paxan Co .......

And about IML dishes with companies of Calais, Lebanon plain [Shepherd], Isfahan Lebanese dawn, Pegah Zanjan [Greek yogurt], Hamasan flower pots and ...

We have the honor of working together. And we also hope that your company name will be registered in our honor office. Hope that beautiful day

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